The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana by Vatsyayana


(Stage of the Bodiless One)
(Ars Amoris Indica,)

Translated from the Sanskrit and Annotated by
A. F. F. AND B. F. R.

This work may fairly be pronounced unique from the days of Sotades and Ovid to our time. Western authors have treated the subject either jocularly, or with a tendency to hymn the joys of immorality. The Indian author has taken the opposite view, and it is impossible not to admire the delicacy with which he has handled an exceedingly delicate theme.



XVIth Century.

Translated from the French Version of the Arabian MS.

***This, the authorized version, is printed in purple and red ink, and ornamented with Arabesque Initial Ornaments.

Transcriber’s note
All occurrences of “i.e.” have been italicized for consistency.

On Page 128 there is a paragraph listed as “(2)”. However, there is no preceding paragraph listed as “(1)”. This is unchanged.

The following changes have been made to the text:

Page 3: “Sancrit literature” changed to “Sanscrit literature”.

Page 4: “calied Pachivedas” changed to “called Pachivedas”.

Page 9: “sensual grat fication” changed to “sensual gratification”.

Page 12: “written by Nundi in one” changed to “written by Nandi in one”.

Page 12: “Babhravya, an inheritant” changed to “Babhravya, an inhabitant”.

Page 27: “at the botttom” changed to “at the bottom”.

Page 29: “should be understand” changed to “should be understood”.

Page 32: “heir heads shaved” changed to “their heads shaved”.

Page 39: “highesf union” changed to “highest union”.

Page 41: “if ihe ways” changed to “if the ways”.

Page 45: “neither has the rice seven colours” changed to “neither has the rice five colours”.

Page 51: “is is called a” changed to “it is called a”.

Page 52: “passion is e ces ve” changed to “passion is excessive”.

Page 52: “Middllng” changed to “Middling”.

Page 53: “breasts, it is called the” changed to “breasts, is called the”.

Page 70: “the ennuch moves about” changed to “the eunuch moves about”.

Page 70: “passes the tongue ever the end” changed to “passes the tongue over the end”.

Page 71: “sonthern bank of the Jumna” changed to “southern bank of the Jumna”.

Page 72: “be made nse of” changed to “be made use of”.

Page 73: “can then eat sweatmeats” changed to “can then eat sweetmeats”.

Page 76: “End of Part II” added.

Page 82: “he should them embrace” changed to “he should then embrace”.

Page 101: “remarried, or a concubine” changed to “re-married, or a concubine”.

Page 104: “Tho followers of Babhravya says” changed to “The followers of Babhravya say”.

Page 106: “the ttme of her turn” changed to “the time of her turn”.

Page 110: “if his inaccesibility” changed to “if his inaccessibility”.

Page 112: “A covetuous woman” changed to “A covetous woman”.

Page 117: “better dressed that before” changed to “better dressed than before”.

Page 128: “moon-light” changed to “moonlight”.

Page 132: “t lling them” changed to “telling them”.

Page 133: “easily accesible” changed to “easily accessible”.

Page 133: “whem he is anxious” changed to “whom he is anxious”.

Page 135: “fear of avarice” changed to “fear or avarice”.

Page 136: “ways for seduciug” changed to “ways of seducing”.

Page 138: “own maintainance” changed to “own maintenance”.

Page 140: “beauty, and aimiability” changed to “beauty, and amiability”.

Page 140: “to ssess activity” changed to “to possess activity”.

Page 145: “him.” f,” changed to “him.” If,”.

Page 146: “account of its subtletly” changed to “account of its subtlety”.

Page 159: “aud well-to-do” changed to “and well-to-do”.

Page 168: “incanations mentioned” changed to “incantations mentioned”.

Page 171: “trapa bisqinosa” changed to “trapa bispinosa”.

Page 173: “he of the same size” changed to “be of the same size”.

Page 175: “seeds of the pomegranite” changed to “seeds of the pomegranate”.

Page 179: “ready deliverence” changed to “ready deliverance”.

Footnote #7: “now nnknown” changed to “now unknown”.

Footnote #29: “fiction, imitiating him” changed to “fiction, imitating him”.

Footnote #32: “technical term throughont” changed to “technical term throughout”.

Footnote #49: “Woman is a monaganous animal” to “Woman is a monogamous animal”.

Footnote #61:

“jurè” changed to “juré”.

“profound” changed to “profond”.

“Voulez vous qu’infidele” changed to “Voulez-vous qu’infidèle”.

“language” changed “langage”.

“seul” changed to “seule”.

“et” changed to “ou”.

“gouter” changed to “goûter”.

“delire” changed to “délire”.

“ou” changed to “où”.

“remede” changed to “remède”.

“a” changed to “à”.

“ou vous voit on” changed to “où vous voit-on”.

Footnote #68: “Apar ntakas” changed to “Aparantakas”.

Footnote #74: “In India” changed to “in India”.

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