Daoist immortal

Chapter 1: The Clueless Youth

The floods of China are boundless and endless, and no one knows their borders. The heavens have a dao, the sun, moon and stars are set in the heavens, day and night, spring and winter, cold and summer more easily, orderly, mountains and rivers, vibrant, everything in the world, are distinctly integrated under this heavenly dao.

The land of the floods, the mountains and rivers were undulating and uninterrupted, and huge mountains ten thousand feet high abounded. Within the boundless mountain range there were countless exotic flowers and grasses, ancient trees and strange vines coiled together. What’s more, there was that flying waterfall hanging in the sky.

In the northern part of China, there is a modest mountain range that looks like a huge dragon’s head from afar, so imposing and precipitous that the locals named it Dragon Head Mountain according to its shape.

The local people call it “Dragon Head Mountain” according to its shape. But this mountain, which is not big in China, stretches for thousands of miles and is covered with towering trees.

At the foot of the majestic Dragon Head Mountain, a big river called Mulberry River meanders through the southern foot of the mountain, about dozens of miles wide, vast and inexhaustible in all seasons.

On both sides of the river, there are dozens of small and large villages dotted along the mountains, which are almost isolated from the rest of the world.

Late summer, one morning, the sun was a pole high, the bottom of the southern slope of Long Shou Mountain, the north side of the mulberry water, the Feng Family Village.

West of the village, in front of old bachelor Feng Lao Er’s broken house.

“Xiaotian, come out quickly!”

“Goten, get out and play!”

“Stinky Tin-Tin, out or out? What about staying home and stinking?”

The children’s noises were coming from far and near, and the target was exactly the broken house of the second wind.

“With a crisp and slightly tender promise, the crumbling door of the house was pushed open with a squeak, and a chubby teenager ran out of the door.

It’s a good idea to have the ability to get the most out of your money,” he said. On his chubby face, he had a pair of mischievous big eyes, the eye curtains flickered and flickered, those two big eyes like black gems as long as a turn, the ghost ideas came. On his fair face, whether it was the bulging cheeks, the thin lips, or the slightly raised tip of his little nose, all made you feel comical and amusing, and at a glance he was a clever, naughty child.

“Goten, come on, let’s go play!” Five or six little children came and embraced the little day and were leaving.

“Little ones,” an old voice from inside the door came out, “don’t go anywhere, and remember not to go up into the woods in the mountains, or play in the river. There are monsters in that forest and river that eat people!”

The one who spoke was Xiaotian’s grandfather, Feng Er. Twelve years ago, he salvaged a basket from the mulberry river, and inside the basket was the newborn Xiao Tian. Wind Lao Er has never thought of starting a family and has raised Tian as his own grandson. Every time Xiaotian went out to play, he always had to be instructed without fail.

“Got it – Grandpa Wind.” The children replied with mischievous elongated voices.

“Oh, how unoriginal, that’s what Grandpa Wind is saying every time!” The small, dark, long, lean, skinny monkey muttered, the little fellow’s small, dusty face and hair about two inches long and unruly, living like a magpie’s nest.

“Don’t say that, Grandpa Wind is saying that for us.” A large head with a sparse head with only a few hairs on it retorted.

“Oh, come on, you two are not finished, let’s just think about where we’re going to play today.” Feng Xiaotian helplessly looked at these two “enemies” who sang against each other all day, and quickly changed the subject.

“We can’t go to the woods, we can’t go to the river, so we’ll have to go to the big mud pit in the north of the village to play hide and seek.”

“It’s no good there, I bumped my head on one of the boss’s bags there the day before yesterday, and it still hurts!”

The group of lively teenagers chattered and discussed endlessly as they walked.

“Little Heaven,” a timid voice rang out, the youngest, Yeon, only seven years old, and the only girl among the group of children, with big eyes with long eyelashes fluttering at Little Heaven, whom she admired most, and said, “Shall we go to the Thin Monkey’s house! “

Yeon’s little red face had a pair of watery glasses, her pigtails were pointing skyward, and her pink hairband was bouncing around on her head like two fluttering colorful butterflies.

“What are you looking at, Yeon’er?” Looking at the petite Yeon’er, Feng Xiaotian petted Yeon’er and rubbed her hair and asked.

Ye’er’s father’s name was Feng Qingru, the most learned man in the village, and the enlightened gentleman of the naughty youngsters of Feng Xiaotian’s group, perhaps because of Xiaotian’s natural intelligence and love of reading, or because of Feng Xiaotian’s fatherlessness and loneliness, this Feng Qingru had always looked at Xiaotian differently, and took special care of him, often leaving Feng Xiaotian at his own home for dinner after his professor, and because of this, Feng Xiaotian and Ye’er were especially close, and had always been very spoiled to Ye’er.

“Skinny Monkey said that his brother, Windy Yong, brought back a particularly nice rabbit from the northern woods yesterday afternoon, it’s very cute, I want to go see it.” Ye Er tugged on Tian Tian’s arm and said excitedly.

“Forbidden forest? Skinny Monkey, has Brother Windy Yong gone to the Forbidden Forest again?” Feng Xiaotian was taken aback, even pulling Wind Yong’s younger brother, Skinny Monkey, asked.

The Forbidden Forest is the forest on the northern slope of the Windjammer, standing at the bottom of the mountain, the wild and verdant, the best sighted people in the village can’t see where it ends, the forest is full of gnarled trees, the light is dim, due to the year-round absence of sunlight, that forest gives an eerie feeling. It is said that there were many young men who wanted to go in and explore the forest, but they went in groups and never came back. This is the first time I’ve ever been to a village where I’ve been to a school, and I’ve never been to a school where I’ve been to a school where I’ve been to a university. In fact, according to Feng Yong himself, he just circled around the forbidden forest a few times and didn’t dare to go deeper, but he didn’t expect to enter the forbidden forest for the second time this time.

“Yeah, my brother went there yesterday morning and said that he made a bet with a neighboring village, and he even caught a rabbit when he came out in the afternoon.” The skinny monkey said proudly.

“Brother Windy Yong is awesome!” The most sturdy tiger among the children had two eyes popping out with adoring stars.

“Come on, let’s go see the rabbits!” With a wave of Windy’s hand, a group of teenagers laughed and laughed as they swarmed towards the Thin Monkey’s house in the east of the village.

“Brother Little Sky, wait for me!” It was Yeon’s silver-bell-like childish, clear voice.

“Yeon’er, hurry up, you can’t catch up to me, hahahaha!” Windy’s smug laughter.

East of the village, next to the stone mill in the yard of the Thin Monkey family.

“Yah, what a cute little rabbit!” Looking at the small animal lying on the stone mill in front of her, and touching the white fluffy fur on the little creature, Yeon let out a sigh of admiration.

“Is this a rabbit?” Wind Xiaotian was confused.

I saw that this so-called “little rabbit”, which was placed on the stone mill, had a white body, long ears, and a body size similar to that of an ordinary rabbit, except that this “little rabbit” had four pure black legs and blue eyes, giving people a strange feeling. It’s just that this “little rabbit” has four pure black legs and blue eyes, giving people a strange feeling. Seeing the stares of so many people, it was not afraid and looked around as if no one was looking at it, with a strange blue light emanating from its eyes. Seeing Yeon touch it, the side shrank back as if it wasn’t happy about it.

“Yeah, I also find it strange, I’ve never seen a rabbit like this before, forget it, might as well slaughter it, and have a meal!” The tall windy brave came out of the house to the stone mill, and then said, following up on Goten’s words.

“No!” In a single day, Yeon’er became anxious and was busy blocking the front of the “little rabbit”. What no one saw was that the strange blue eyes of the “little rabbit” revealed a mocking look just like a human’s. “What does a little kid know?

“What do you know, little kid? Go play along!” The first thing I noticed was that I was not sure if I was going to be able to make it, but I thought I would be able to make it. Please!”

When he saw Yeon’er’s face full of tears, Feng Xiaotian couldn’t bear to see it, and he didn’t want this cute little creature to be eaten like this, so he took a step forward and said to Feng Yong, “Brother Feng Yong, this little thing doesn’t have much meat, so why don’t you just give it to me? How about I give you two fish when I’m done?”

“Hehe, okay, two fish, we can’t go back on our word!” Obviously, for Feng Yong, the temptation of the fish far exceeds the unknown taste of the rabbit. Enough for Windy to use to trade some food and supplies to the villagers to sustain him and Windy.

“Then this little guy is yours.” Feng Yong grabbed the “little rabbit” and stuffed it into Feng Xiaotian’s bosom, his actions were so rough that Yeon Er’s heart was tight again. When he let go of the rabbit’s hand, it seemed that he saw a fierce gaze flash across the eyes of the “little rabbit” as he glanced at Feng Yong.

“Hmm? What’s going on?” Wind Yong took a second look towards the “little rabbit’s” eyes, but found nothing, “Cough, it’s probably just blurred eyes, right?” Windy Yong thought to himself, so he no longer cared. “O Little Heaven, remember, two fish!” He said and went back to the house.

“Oh, two fish, just two fish.” Xiao Tian carefully handed the “bunny” to Yan’er who was already breaking into a smile, looking at the tear-stained smiling face, Xiao Tian felt that the two fish were so worth it.

“Thank you, Little Tian!” Yeon said looking up at Goten, her teary eyes filled with a sweet smile.

“Silly girl, what else are you thanking me for with brother?” As usual, Little Tian patted Yeon’s head.

“Oh, no need to thank you, when you grow up, you’ll be a daughter-in-law for Little Heaven!” This guttural voice was naturally that skinny monkey guy.

“Dang it, I will! Huh, stinky monkey! I grew up to be a daughter-in-law to Brother Tiny Tim. That’s what my mother said, right, Little Sky?” The silly Yeon’er held her head high and said as a matter of course. After saying that, without waiting for Xiao Tian’s reply, she hugged the “little rabbit” and happily ran towards home.

“Huh?” The slightly humanized Wind was startled, and his fair face turned red all of a sudden!

“Hahahahahaha-” the group of teenagers laughed unrestrainedly.

“This silly girl, how dare she say anything?” the blushing teenager thought under his breath as, to the laughter of his pals, the teen accosted him and headed home!

That’s exactly what it is: two youngsters with no suspicion of each other, a childhood love affair.

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