Traverse the sky

Chapter One.

“The moon is bright, the wind is still, the moon is bright, the wind is still, the leaves cover the windows. The crickets chirp, like the sound of a stringed instrument. The sound of the qin is soft, the tune is sweet, and the blues are soft. A gentle woman is holding her pregnant son in her arms, humming a nursery rhyme.

  A look at her own son will remind her of her beloved son’s appearance, father and son are really the same from the same mold. A new mother holds up her child, thinking of the promise her beloved son had given her, her heart is like eating honey.

  The woman, as if she had been blessed with a great deal of happiness, quietly leaned over to the baby’s ear and said, “Sheng’er, do you know, your father would be so happy if he knew that mother had given birth to you? Just wait a little while, and then our mother and father will be living in the royal palace of the Dali Kingdom, and mother’s Sheng’er will be the little world son.”

  And while the woman was still here, fantasizing about being received into the royal palace to enjoy her beloved son’s care, she could make sure that her son would have a good environment to grow up in. Little did she know that her beloved son was now in the midst of a grand wedding to his already chosen princess, the daughter of the great chieftain of the Pendulum Yi tribe, Blade White Phoenix.

  The king of Dali is rejoicing in the country, and the Dali royal family can marry the Pendulum Yi tribe, then there will be less hostility and more peace here. The King of Dali will not care about the poor woman who misses the King of Zhennan and will not be responsible for what happens to her in the future.

  In January, the child she gave birth to had already passed the full moon, but her bitter waiting has not been a result, she held her child standing on the bridge at the entrance of the village, so quietly waiting for the person her heart wants to see.

  ”Looking at the water to try to climb the mountain, the mountain high lake and wide. There is no dawn eve, and we look at each other through the years. The first time I saw you, I thought I’d be there. Farewell infinite love, meet momentarily say.” The woman murmured out the poem, the heart misses the person, ah, where are you again, I have been waiting for you here, do you have any idea.

  ”Wow!” The baby in the swaddling clothes suddenly cried out, and the woman’s tears couldn’t stop flowing out of her eyes.

  The woman coaxed the swaddled child with tears and said, “Sheng’er doesn’t cry, Sheng’er doesn’t cry, mother is still here, father will come to fetch us. Let’s not wait today, let’s go home, ah.”

  The woman carried the child back the way she came, but the child in the swaddling clothes could not stop crying, and cried all the way. The people who were serving the farm work in the fields looked up at them with such malice in their eyes. In their eyes this unruly woman dared to go here, really shameless, if my family this matter, I would have killed her.

  The woman holding the child hurry home, into the house close the door and start to feed him but even so, the child is still crying non-stop, anxious woman sweating all over the place.

  The woman said with tears in her eyes, “Father, I forbid you to say that, Duan Lang is coming, he will soon take us to Dali, and then you will not have to suffer the white eyes of people.”

  I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do this, but I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do this,” he said. You’re still protecting him like this, I’ve really raised you for nothing!”

  The woman was so frightened that she didn’t even dare to breathe, her own father had been honest all his life, and in the end, he actually let his daughter ruin his innocence in this life. Duan Lang, did I misjudge you, Duan Lang, do you still love me?

  A woman these words only dare to say in her own heart, or to her own child swaddled in her own child, but those sweet and warm words, who has said to her.

  I was originally an uncharted yellow flower girl, only to be hooked by that dashing and versatile man, but it was this man who left himself with such a sickly son. Do you really want to abandon us mother and son, do you still remember the oath you said at that time?

  No, it won’t. Duan Lang will definitely come to pick us up, and we’ll walk out of the village in style, and no one will gossip about us anymore.

  On this day, the woman carried the child on her back and carried the wooden basin to the river to wash clothes. The child stomped on her back, the woman finally felt what the pressure of life is, but even if Duan Lang has not yet come, I will be strong enough to live, as long as I endure this, I can go to Dali.

  The woman has been relying on this kind of self-hypnosis to encourage herself these days, even if it is nothing to suffer from the eyes of others, even if the neighbors and townspeople don’t get along with us, even if the whole village rejects us and what’s more, I will get through it.

  But as she was washing the clothes, she saw a fire in her house from afar and thought, “No, my father is still in the field at this time, and no one is at home. Did I not put out the fire in the stove when I came out?

  In her mind she got up and walked faster, hurrying home, waiting until she stopped at the nearest corner she could find. Hiding behind the wall like a kitten, she stared at her yard in wide-eyed fear.

  Her house had burned down and the entire village was gathered around her yard wall. Her father was hanging from the door beam, his wounded mouth still frothing with blood.

  The village stood right at the front door, all the villagers standing apart in turn with the village chief at the center. The old village chief held the cane in his hand, pointed at the woman’s father and said, “Old Kang, are you still stubborn? Our Kang Village has been the only village in eight villages in ten miles since Emperor Taizong started, and you are not unaware of it. All we want is Kang Min, if you tell us where he is, we won’t make things difficult for you, and we’ll still be good neighbors!”

  It’s naturally hard for an old man to be hung, but if this is for his daughter, “Bah! When have you ever seen me beat my daughter, much less could I tell you where my daughter is, daughter, run. As long as I’m alive, I’ll be fine. Take Xiao Sheng and run! Do you hear me!”

  That woman was Kang Min, and since she was pregnant, she had tried not to run into the village aunts and such when she went out. And because she went to do laundry today and didn’t go to the village entrance to wait for Duan Lang, she wasn’t caught by anyone from the village.

  ”Lao Kang! I won’t say it twice, we’re not dealing with you, Kang Min she’s ruined the reputation of our Kang Village, just tell us where she’s gone and we’ll let you down!”

  Kang Min is now running backwards with small steps, just escape, I have to go to Dali and find Duan Lang. Get Duan Lang to save my dad, I have to go!

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list.

  The villagers gathered around Kang’s family heard the sound of Kang Min coming back? A sharp-eared old lady pointed down that road and said, “Come on, there’s that little bitch!”

  Now all the people in the village are women and old people, and the young people have gone to serve in the city and haven’t come back yet. So if you can run to also follow the past, they are all old men and women, not fast enough. But all those big girls and little daughters-in-law and whatnot were like taking a big tonic, desperately trying to chase after Kang Min.

  ”Stop, don’t let her run away!” The eldest girl and the youngest daughter-in-law now incarnate the messenger of justice, must put Kang Min mother and son this evil devil to death.

  Kang Min after giving birth to a child, the body had not been properly recuperated, plus this a quick run is even more breathless.

  They were all from this village, and they would be caught anywhere they ran. So she ran to the place where she had just washed the clothes, and emptied the basin of clothes. Undoing the rope that tied the child behind her back, she gently placed it in the basin.

  The child in the basin had stopped crying, and Kangmin said with tears streaming down her face, “My bitter child, you will have to suffer with your mother before you grow up, go, go with your mother to find your father.”

  After saying that holding a wooden basin and jumping into the water, but which thought that this moment is the time when the floods are rising. Usually you can’t feel it when you’re on the shore. Kang Min now struggled to keep her balance as she held onto the basin, but she didn’t know that the wooden basin almost toppled over several times because of her reckless effort.

  At this time, Kangmin wanted to switch to the other side, so that her hand could hold the basin more appropriately. But when her hand slipped, and in the middle of the flood season, the water flowed rapidly and the wooden basin was washed out in the blink of an eye.

  ”My boy!” In a moment of impatience, Kamin drank a mouthful of river water, choking and nearly falling out of his mouth. In the water was already not as comfortable as on the shore, and the wooden basin was already washed away by the water as it emerged from the river. All Comin felt was blackness and unconsciousness.

  My child-….

  And again, the wooden basin just along the water to stay floating, a white shadow gliding from the sky across the general, toe light river surface, long sleeves swing from the river to copy the wooden basin up.

  Only this person’s hair flowing with the wind, face crown like jade, good like a fairy like any figure.

  ”Well, what a chubby little white doll, your parents are really cruel too. You and I met here, just let me be your regenerating parents, come with me to the Starry Night Sea.”

  At this moment the child in the wooden basin began to cry again, which knew that this child so young has already begun to remember things.

  When I used to watch dramas, I didn’t have any sense, Jun Duan Zheng, I want you to die a horrible death!

  This is the soul from the afterlife coincidentally crossed over, when he found out that his birth mother is actually Kang Min, scared to death, afraid that Kang Min one day to react he was abandoned suddenly strangled him. But after living with Kang Min for over a year, he was moved by Kang Min’s deep calf-licking feelings.

  So the love for Kang Min, and the hatred for Jun Duan Zheng, this little baby hates Jun Duan Zheng all the time. What amorous prince, in the end you’ll definitely regret it, I’ll make you feel uneasy for the rest of your life!

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