The Legend of Infinite Wisdom

Chapter 1 – One Move – Three Secrets

 Da Li Dynasty, Feng Ming County, Xu Jia Village!

  Early in the morning, a white mist shrouded the mountains surrounding the village, and the late autumn breeze carried a little chill in it!

  The villagers of Xujia Village, who had been up and working since the dawn of the day, brought their hoes, bows and arrows with them one by one, and went into the hills for hunting and farming, as usual, except for the depressing atmosphere that many of them always had between their brows, which made them not to talk much when they met each other, but to sigh.

  This situation was only slightly relieved when I passed by the doors of two families in the village that appeared to be more generous from the outside, but I could never completely get over it.

  One of these two families was the house of the village head, and the other was the only family in the village that had four or five houses and a small courtyard that could compete with the house of the village head.

  At this time, in the small courtyard in front of the other house besides the mayor’s, the three walls could not stop the whistling wind, and the quiet and pleasant environment could not stop the movement of the feet.

  In the courtyard, a twelve or thirteen year old boy wearing an ancient robe with a slanted collar and a head of hair a foot long is holding a wooden sword, with a serious look practicing sword skills one by one.

  Soaring and turning his sword to slash!

  Retreat, turn around and raise your sword to slash!

  Turn sideways and thrust straight!

  Constantly practicing and advancing and retreating, if anyone who knew martial arts saw this scene they would surely be amazed by the youth’s perseverance in persistently and seriously practicing this ordinary move.

  Of course, it would also be ridiculous for the teenager to take this one of the most common sword moves within the Songshan School so seriously!

  This world’s martial arts are divided into the twelve levels of the four stages of Heaven, Earth, Earth and Yellow, as well as the nine streams of martial arts, and the four stages of divine arts are all outsourced by large schools or dynastic royalty and large families.

  Even the upper four ninth-grade martial arts and moves were monopolized by small families and sects, and only those below the fifth grade appeared in the ordinary world and in the market, and the prices were exorbitantly high, while the better ones were regarded as heirlooms by smaller sects and families.

  On the rivers and lakes who all know located four hundred miles outside of Fengming County song mountain school in the local just like a general sect, the door of the internal stance even the most top-notch is also just into the fifth stream of the list, into the rivers and lakes to simply not on the big stage, not to mention this song mountain school in the ordinary disciples don’t care to study the entrance move, and just the most common move.

  But it was inevitable that this teenager practiced so seriously that one would sigh that good intentions were used in an unworthy place!

  But the teenager was just so serious, so studious, it wasn’t that he didn’t understand that his move was common, it was that he simply didn’t have a better option!

  The villagers of Xu Jia Village who knew him called him Xiaosha because of his good behavior and sensibility. Xiaosha didn’t like this name because it sounded like Little Silly Brother.

  There are three major secrets that Xiaosha has never been known to anyone since he lived until now, and even the guy who always thought he was his godfather, but was always called big brother by him, and still has an unknown relationship with him, only knows one of them.

  The first one is that he has a rare and unique sword, but he has never shown it to anyone because he is afraid that the rumor will cause a big stir and endanger himself and the Xu family village, which is extremely low in strength.

  The second was his age, he looked to be only twelve or thirteen years old but was actually twenty-three or twenty-four years old, this is not only the people who knew him knew that he matured early, even the guy with whom he had an unknown relationship did not know.

  The third one was even more amazing, he wasn’t even from this world!

  The first two of these three secrets were just fine, but the last two were earth-shattering events for the world, and it was even more horrifying if they happened to one person at the same time. If it is spread out, it will only scare a large number of people, even those legendary martial arts experts who can fly with the wind, wielding palms to break the river and destroy the city in anger.

  Of course, the last two secrets only Xiao Sha himself knows that he actually comes from a place called China on Earth, but he fell asleep looking at his cell phone and somehow appeared in the vicinity of the Xu Family Village, and was later caught because he wanted to blend into this world and entered the village to steal clothes while it was dark.

  It was in the villagers’ conversation when he was caught and was about to be cleaned up that he found out that he had not only crossed over somehow, but also that his body had reverted back to the time when he was 12 or 13 years old.

  This world has chivalrous thieves, evil thieves, no matter what kind of thieves can actually be considered as stealing, they can all arouse the anger of people from different classes, there is only one kind of people who may be able to gain forgiveness from others for some reason, that is children.

  The only person who can be forgiven for some reason is a child. Xiao Sha looked young at the time, but he was beaten up by the angry villagers who couldn’t see what happened when he was caught in the dark.

  After learning of his tragic encounter, the village chief, who was in a very high position, invited the only person in the village who was no less prestigious than Xiao Sha to be his godfather, so that he could pass on his legacy to that person and give Xiao Sha a place to live.

  That person was the owner of this mansion, Xu Qing!

  Xu Qing’s ancestors were all from the Xu Family Village for three generations, and the mansion had been passed down for three generations. He himself had traveled the world for a while because of his martial arts skills, and had learned a few sword tricks to defend himself.

  Xu Qing had a very high prestige in the village, and had always been regarded by the villagers as another protector other than the village chief, in fact, he himself was only twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, only a little older than the pre-crossing Xiao Sha. So even though he acknowledged him as a godfather in front of so many people on that day, Xiao Sha, who later learned that he was easy to talk to, changed his name to godbrother soon afterwards.

  The two argued over this name for nearly half a year, and no one was willing to compromise until now, and both were still calling each other their own names.

  The most important thing is the fact that you will be able to get the most out of the game, and you will be able to get the most out of the game.

  It’s been a little over half a year since he came here, and he already knows that this world is called Shenzhou Land, with the Dali Dynasty, the Battle Cloud Kingdom, and the Izumo Kingdom standing side by side, each of which is very large and very martial.

  Not to mention the Dali Dynasty alone, its territory within the large more than sixty counties even the smallest county area is a quarter of the Earth China, the entire country combined is the size of two Asia, its ** countless cities. The whole country just according to the household to count there are more than two billion households, the entire dynasty power is amazingly huge.

  And because the region is too vast, the world’s martial arts power is too powerful imperial court can not completely control the reason, Jianghu martial arts forest has become closer to the people than the imperial court.

  In the martial arts forest less than the sword and shadow of a grudge to kill, generally as long as there is no large-scale massacre accident the court at most in the aftermath of the corpse to comfort simply can not manage so much.

  At this time, the importance of martial arts showed up!

  In this world, Xiao Sha had heard all sorts of familiar and unfamiliar news, such as today the master of the Heavenly Sun Gate, Jiu Yang Divine Kung Fu, tomorrow the master of Qingyuan City defeated some powerful Jiang Hu people with the Nine Solitary Swords, the day after tomorrow a certain swordsman killed many bandits and thieves with the Thirteen Swords of Destruction and so on.

  Xiao Sha’s worldview was constantly being refreshed by his familiar martial arts skills, different origins, and the place where he could fly in the air, where one person could defeat thousands of soldiers.

  At first he was quite excited when Xu Qing taught him his sword skills, thinking that he was lucky enough to have the best sword skills to practice, and he respected Xu Qing very much.

  This might not be much respect for Xu Qing who fed, clothed and treated him so well and even passed on his treasured sword skills, but that was the truth.

  Xu Qing’s swordsmanship was not inherited from his master, but was learned secretly from watching others’ disciples fight when he was walking around the world.

  What’s more, these three moves are not even connected, and they can’t be performed continuously, and the only result of forcing them to be performed continuously is to break his hand and dislocate it, which is Xu Qing’s experience after seven or eight years of practice. This situation only improved after Xiao Sha came and told him some methods to protect his wrist, after half a year of maintenance.

  Xiao Sha knew that Xu Qing had no reservations about himself, and also understood that if he continued to practice this kind of swordsmanship, his hands would sooner or later be crippled or become deformed, so he not only persuaded Xu Qing to practice one of the strokes, but also practiced only one of the strokes himself.

  The only thing he could do was to practice the one move that he could only get the form but not the spirit, so that he could use it as his own future move.

  Only with a certain level of self-preservation could he safely use that treasured sword to trade for resources more suitable for himself!


  The wooden sword sliced through the air and stirred up a bit of breeze, once again practiced this move of the Returning Strike and Falling Goose Xiao Sha face unchanged to withdraw his wooden sword, the footsteps of the unsteady standing pondered his own results of these exercises, thought of dissatisfaction not to frown, so that the whole look still appears young face appears a bit old.

  Xu Qing’s three sword moves were the Song Mountain School’s Return to the Goose, the Changhe Gate’s Rushing Stream, and the Chong Mountain School’s One Sword Splitting Light.

  The move he chose to practice was called “Returning Front and Falling Goose”, which meant that when a person held a sword to stand on a peak and a large goose flew by, he could immediately cut down the flying goose as soon as he turned and moved his sword.

  After such a long period of study, Xiao Sha knew that this move emphasized on skillfulness, accuracy and speed, but he obviously felt that he had only grasped skillfulness and accuracy in the past half year’s practice, and he was still unable to grasp the word “speed” well, which made him dissatisfied.

  If you can’t train better than most people, how can you use it as a capital to walk the world? Are we just going to practice here forever?


  Thinking still unconvinced, he moved again despite the soreness of his arm holding his sword, and just as he was about to strike the sword, the ones by the courtyard wall were thumped.

  At the same time, a few panicked voices came in just outside the door!

  ”Brother Sha, the flattened clan came to collect taxes and injured Old Man Li, is Uncle Xu Qing here?”

  ”Brother Sha you should go and check it out first, that flat-earth gang is so fierce and scary”

  ”Is Uncle Xu home? Help, please save my father’s life.”

  Bang, bang, bang, bang….

  The Flatbreads? Those bastards again?

  In the chaos of the door, Xiao Sha, who heard the sound outside the door, had a surge of anger on his face, then he suppressed his anger, and with a smile on his face that he usually wore except when practicing his sword, he withdrew his wooden sword and opened the door.

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