I’m Yang.

Chapter 1: Coming to the World of the Eagle

The book was written by Master Jin, really, it makes people’s blood boil, can’t stop, although I have read this book many times, but still have a feeling of love to put it down, alas, the hero’s name is Yang, my name is also Yang, but, why don’t I have Yang? What about the encounters, how come I can’t meet the Dragon Lady of my life, if I did, would I be more infatuated than Yang, would I have waited for the Dragon Lady for sixteen years.”

  ”Compared to Warrior Yang, I’m also a bit too miserable, I can’t find a job, I’ve met six girlfriends in succession, but they all left me, if I had the ability to attract girls like Warrior Yang, these people probably wouldn’t have left me, but Master Jin is also really, putting so many beautiful women like flowers and letting Warrior Yang choose only one, wouldn’t that be too cruel . If I were that Yang, perhaps, I would take all these beauties into my arms and enjoy the taste of a tender land.” Thinking of this, Li Tie couldn’t help but have a bad smile on his face.

  ”Crossing, crossing ah, network novels so many crossing people, after arriving in another world, is not to have the wind and rain, beautiful women, status, money, what do you want, if I can cross, if I become the warrior Yang, I will definitely what Cheng Ying, what Lu Wushuang, what Li Moxiao, what Huang Rong’s one by one subdue, enjoy all kinds of The taste of a beautiful woman, at that time, who would still dare to underestimate me Li Tie, who would still underestimate me, a penniless and poor boy.”

  ”There was once a crossover opportunity in front of me, I crossed over, so I became Yang, if I were to become Yang after that, I would say I love you to all the women in the Divine Eagle, if I had to choose to accept that one beauty, then I would say I want all of them.” Li Tie’s mind was flooded with a classic line of dialogue from Journey to the West, then it was as if Li Tie’s thoughts were in Master Jin’s Divine Eagle world, thinking that he had become Yang and was there to join hands with all the beauties, pointing out the mountains and mountains with a great sense of style.

  After fantasizing for a while, Li Tie couldn’t help but let out a long sigh, and after touching his stomach with a bitter smile, Li Tie’s heart murmured: “Don’t think about those, this world, where is the crossing of things ah, that’s just the network writers write out to entertain themselves, random thinking is useless, also can’t fill the stomach, or think about where to find something tomorrow! Do it so that you won’t starve, right.” Thinking of this, Li Tie couldn’t help but put the already yellowed Divine Eagle by his head, while he slowly fell asleep.

  In his sleep, Li Tie’s handsome face seemed to be wearing a sweet smile, but whether Li Tie was smiling because he had dreamt that he had turned into Yang and was criss-crossing the world of the God Sculptor, or because he had dreamt that he had found a job, perhaps, only Li Tie’s own heart was clear, and while Li Tie was sleeping, the book that was already yellowing and had been turned over countless times by Li Tie, was as if it had a spiritual nature, and it was windless there.

  If Li Tie was awake, by now, he would definitely be shocked by the changes in that book, because after it had been windless for a few times, it suddenly shot out a white light that shone on Li Tie’s body, and as the white light became stronger and stronger, an almost ethereal voice sounded: “Li Tie, Li Tie, I didn’t expect that you would have no idea that the world of the divine Sculptors’ So yearned for it that it turned me over a hundred times, and your sincerity has touched me, so I decided to let you take a walk in the world of the God Sculptor, so you can experience it for yourself.”

  ”I’m getting a little tired of talking about the same divine sculptures all the time, and I hope that when you get to the world of divine sculptures, you’ll be able to bring me a different one, and in that case, I think my future work will probably be much more enjoyable. It’s just that you’re a natural affair, and I don’t know if it will be a good thing or a bad thing for Huang Rong and the others after you arrive in the world of the God Sculptor.” As the ethereal voice sounded, the white light emitted from the book became more and more intense, and by the time the white light shone so brightly that people couldn’t open their eyes, something strange happened, the body of Li Tie who was sleeping suddenly decomposed and turned into tiny pieces, disappearing piece by piece into the white light.

  The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the actual shoes or boots that you’ve been wearing for a while. Bright and Beautiful, I think, today, we can fill up to find something to eat and fill up our bellies.” Thinking of this, Li Tie sat up, but this sitting up, Li Tie was not dumbfounded.

  The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the following: “I’m not going to be able to do anything about it,” he said.

  In the distance, a group of children were playing, and that nursery rhyme was transmitted from afar: “Guo Jing Huang Rong, a chivalrous hero, defending Xiangyang, Yuan soldiers are afraid.” Hearing this nursery rhyme, Li Tie’s heart could not help but be certain, from this nursery rhyme, Li Tie guessed that here, perhaps there is some TV drama being filmed, anyway, in these years with the divine Warrior Couple being adapted into a TV drama and hot broadcast after, all sorts of remakes, spoofs of the TV drama with divine Warrior Couple as the theme are endless, and what he saw, may be exactly the filming site of the divine Warrior Couple that has been adapted into something again.

  The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website of the company, and then you can find out the details about the company. When he arrived in front of the group of children, Li Tie put on a smile and said to a slightly older child: “Buddy, you are shooting a TV drama, how about it, where is the crew, how about taking me to meet them, I want to be a mass actor.”

  The group of children saw Li Tie approaching them, and said something they couldn’t understand, they couldn’t help but stop playing, but surrounded Li Tie, while sizing him up, whispering in whispers, the older child looked at Li Tie: “This little brother, where are you from, where are you going, do you know, Xiangyang? It’s a war, you’re dressed in such an unbecoming manner, be careful that the Xiangyang army will catch you as a spy of the Yuan soldiers, right, what buddy, what drama, what crew are you talking about, how come I haven’t heard of it.”

  Hearing the kid say so, Li Tie’s heart couldn’t help but feel slightly cold, but Li Tie still didn’t give up, so Li Tie couldn’t care about his gradually somewhat stiff smile, while continuing to the kid: “Buddy, don’t make fun of me, are you really into the drama ah, now it’s the twenty-first century, where is there any Yuan soldiers ah, and what kind of warfare ah. ” The children looked at Li Tie and even ignored him, but turned to the other children and said: “Little Tiger, Little Bull, this man is definitely crazy, he doesn’t believe what we say and we don’t understand what he says, let’s go, let’s go play somewhere else.”

  The older child was obviously the leader of the group of children, after the older child’s words, the group of children actually laughed and jumped and ran away, no one paid any attention to Li Tie anymore, and Li Tie only now felt a hint of fear, from the expression of the child when he spoke just now, the child didn’t seem to be joking with himself, he might have really crossed over and come to the world of the divine Eagle.

  Although he wanted to cross over, thought he wanted to become Yang, thought he wanted to wipe out all the beauties in the world of the Goddess, but when the truth was in front of him, Li Tie couldn’t help but feel a little disoriented, thinking that he had come to the world of the Goddess, and he didn’t even know who he was in the world of the Goddess and what kind of role he played, Li Tie felt his feet getting a little soft.

  Taking a deep breath, Li Tie comforted himself in his heart: “It’s a bit confusing, a bit confusing, no hurry, no hurry, let me think again, think again, I was reading last night, I woke up and came here, listening to those children’s songs, at this time, it should be the time when Guo Jing and Huang Rong were helping Xiangyang to defend the city, could it be that I really, really Did you cross over, this, what can we do.”

  While Li Tie was thinking haphazardly, a voice like a silver bell sounded: “Brother Yang, you’re here, I went to your home to look for you, but I didn’t see any of your people, I thought you had left.” When he heard the voice like a silver bell, Li Tie’s heart jumped: “It’s over, it’s over, I’ve really come to the world of the divine Eagle, and where I am now is exactly where the story of the divine Eagle began, what should I do, what should I do, things have come to such a pass that I can only take one step at a time, Yang Guo, Yang Guo is even here, I, I have to see what Yang Guo looks like! What’s it like.”

  Thinking of this, the fear in Li Tie’s heart subsided a bit, under this situation, Li Tie could not help but raise his head, wanting to see how Yang came to be in the world of the divine Eagle, but after a look, Li Tie found that inside the whole scene, there was only himself and a long-sleeved girl of about twelve or thirteen years old who was walking towards him, while the others did not even have a ghost shadow, could it be that he had really crossed over into the world of the divine Eagle, thinking of this, the fear in Li Tie’s heart suddenly vanished, while a heart could not help but thump straight up.

  The young girl saw Li Tie’s left and right look, a bulletproof pretty face could not help but blush slightly, in this situation, the young girl could not help but take a glance at Li Tie: “Yang, I’m calling you, do you hear me, I know you haven’t eaten breakfast yet, so I sent you some over, what are you looking at, as if you don’t recognize me. ” As the maiden walked in front of him, Li Tie felt that a faint fragrance emitted from the maiden’s body, this nice aroma caused Yang’s heart to flutter slightly.

  Seeing that the maiden was talking to him, Li Tie knew that he had really crossed over into Yang, and thinking that he would be able to fulfill his wishes in the world of the Goddess from now on as Yang, Li Tie’s heart was ecstatic, and so, in his forgetfulness, Li Tie could not help but embrace the maiden in front of him, and his mouth also laughed loudly:. “I’m Yang, I’m Yang, I’ve become Yang, I’m, I’m so happy, I’m so happy, I’ve become Yang, great, great.”

  After laughing, Li Tie realized that he was holding the young girl in his arms, although the young girl seemed to be only twelve or thirteen years old, Li Tie felt that the young girl’s body seemed to be well developed, because Li Tie felt that after he hugged the young girl, the young girl’s breasts were squeezing tightly on top of his chest, that warm and soft feeling made Li Tie realize that in this era where men and women could not be trusted, his actions were a bit shocking.

  In this situation, although Yang was somewhat reluctant to let go of the girl’s full breasts squeezing on top of his own chest to give him that warm and flexible feeling, he still let the girl go, and in order to cover up his rudeness, Li Tie could not help but pretend not to care about the girl: “Girl, thank you, I thought that I could stop starving again, so I was just momentarily happy! But I don’t mean any harm, I hope the girl won’t be offended.”

  The red flush on the young girl’s bulletproof pretty face that had risen because of suddenly giving Li Tie a hug hadn’t completely receded, making the girl look even more bright and charming, while seeing the girl’s appearance, Li Tie’s heart couldn’t help but move: “This young girl seems like she shouldn’t be from the Cheng Ying Lu Wushuang category, then who could it be, how come I haven’t seen it in the divine Eagle! Yang still knows such a girl, looking at this girl’s appearance, her posture shouldn’t be below those two, if it’s related to Yang, then there should be a record in the divine Eagle ah.”

  But immediately, it occurred to Li Tie, Master Jin’s writing was all about the important characters in the divine Eagle, and there were some things that couldn’t be written clearly in the book one by one, if Yang’s life was written down in detail, then a [divine Eagle] wouldn’t be able to be written in hundreds of thousands of words, thinking of this, Yang’s heart was relieved, and after taking a glance at the young girl who was lowering her head there in silence Li Tie fixed his mind: “Miss, thank you for bringing me food again, I, Li Tie, no, no, I, Yang Guo, will definitely remember your kindness.” The young girl raised her head when she heard Yang said so, and only after taking a glance at Yang did she whisper: “Brother Yang, I have a name, my name is Zhou Ling’er, don’t keep calling me girl, girl’s call me, okay, could it be, I just told you my name yesterday, and you forgot today.”

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