Super Grand Master.

Chapter 1.

 I awoke abruptly in the darkness, and before I opened my eyes, there was a cry in my ears.
  ”Get up! Hurry up and get up!”
  ”It’s too much of a fight, and it’s only been a few seconds?”
  ”How dare this product come to a boxing match?”
  All I felt was pain all over my body, like my bones were about to break, and based on the signals from my body, I felt like I should be lying on the ground at this point, cold and hard, and shouting like a tidal wave around me, this seemed to be on top of a boxing ring, how did I end up here?
  I remember watching a 3D movie called Challenger League in the cinema earlier, how did I get to the top of the ring?
  I tried hard to get up, but failed, and my eyes opened, and I found myself in an octagonal iron cage, all surrounded by steel bars made of the thickness of a child’s arm, and a little farther on some very peculiar spectators, and in short I felt as if everything here were strange.
  As I tore my eyes away from the distance, I noticed a huge figure standing in front of me. The man was visually estimated to be at least 2 meters tall, and looked stronger and more intimidating than the hardened boulder Johnson in the movies.
  Was I in a boxing match with such a giant muscle man? Now I’m really kind of dizzy. Because I’m just a martial arts enthusiast, an ordinary person, not a fighter of any kind, this place looks a bit like underground black boxing, but it’s not quite the same, and in any case, I shouldn’t be here at all.
  My name is Tang Lung, and I’m certainly not as good as the character Tang Lung from the Bruce Lee movies, let alone the legendary king of black boxing in Jianghu. I’m just an ordinary martial arts enthusiast, I have my own job, I like to watch kung fu movies and boxing matches.
  Is this place dreaming? I felt like everything here was so unreal that it didn’t seem like it should exist in reality. Whether it was the opponent in front of me, the muscular giant, or the audience from afar, all seemed different from reality, so I concluded that this must be a dream.
  I pinched my thigh hard, but the pain went to my brain so quickly it was real! It’s not a dream! But what’s that all about? I couldn’t figure it out.
  Sneaking a peek at the muscle giant, I saw that the man had more muscles than action star Schwarzenegger, one piece was like steel, and now the man was raising his arms towards the surrounding audience, responding to the cheers of the crowd with a victor’s gesture.
  It suddenly occurred to me that inside black market boxing matches, the losing side is often KILL by the winner, much like the gladiators in ancient Rome, where the audience would decide the loser’s fate, and if the audience all put their thumbs down, then the winner would kill the loser.
  Am I going to die? But I still haven’t figured out what’s going on, and I’m not happy about it!
  I can already see some of the audience pointing their thumbs down, which means let the giant man kill me.
  It’s over. It’s too lame to die for no reason, isn’t it?
  But now I really don’t have any strength at all, my whole body is about to fall apart, I guess I was beaten badly enough by this giant man before.
  Just when I was incomparably desperate, a voice suddenly came in my head, “Ding, the system and the host have been successfully bound, and the path of the Super Grandmaster is open.”
  What’s going on? I’m getting confused now! What super-grandmaster? What system? Is this really going to happen to me? Shouldn’t that be the plot of a web novel? It’s the so-called system flow that makes this system possible!
  What’s going on here?
  The next moment, I found myself with a three-dimensional projection image in my mind.

  Host: Tang Lung
  Super Master: the uninitiated
  Experience points: 10
  Skills: New long fist
  Props: None
  I had just seen these things and the next thing I knew, an incomparably large amount of information was entering my mind! That’s fucking outrageous! I’ve even crossed over and come two hundred years later, which means it’s the future world now.
  And what shocked me even more was that the present world was no longer the original world! For the ruler of this world is not a man!
  Of course they could be called human, except they’re not just humans, they’re intelligent robots! It was in the year 2155 that the development of intelligent robots reached an incredible height, and one day these robots with a high degree of autonomous consciousness and intelligence, as well as powerful functions, overthrew the rule of mankind.
  Now humans have become slaves under the rule of intelligent robots, working for the robots, for example, where I am now is a large stadium, the muscle giant in front of me is not a real human, but an advanced robot.
  The skin, muscles and bones of these robots are made of synthetic polymer materials, and although they look the same as human beings, the strength of these muscles is not comparable to human beings.
  After the intelligent robots ruled the world, there was this kind of bloody competition, not only between humans and humans, but also between humans and robots.
  It should be known that robots not only had a strong appearance, but also a highly developed perception system and an even more powerful brain. Therefore, ordinary boxers are no match for this kind of robot, and only a few human experts are able to fight against the robot.
  As soon as I understood everything, the audience also put their thumbs down, the muscle giant turned around and looked at me with a fierce expression, coldly, as if looking at a dead man, because the robot was about to kill.
  At this point another ding sound was emitted in my head, “Now the Grand Master System is issuing a quest, for every Level 3 robot the host kills, it rewards a hundred points of experience!”
  That’s right, this muscular giant man in front of me is a so-called third level robot. According to the system’s information, I know that there are thirty-six levels of intelligent robots in this world, and the robot in front of me is still a very low level robot, but it’s already difficult for an ordinary martial artist to deal with, and it normally takes a Ming Jin middle stage martial artist to deal with it.
  But I now seem to be someone who hasn’t even entered Ming Jin? What to do? It’s about to kill me. And it’s simply an impossible task for me to kill it back!
  The muscular giant chuckled heedlessly as it walked towards me, the ground shuddering with each footstep that went down and then into my heart, my heart thudding!
  It’s over! What am I going to do now? Escape is impossible! You can’t beat them, and even with some damn system, there’s no way to exchange them for advanced martial arts without experience points!
  Jesus Christ, you’re not going to let me just come into this world and die in a matter of minutes, are you?
  Wouldn’t that make me the unluckiest traveler of all? Don’t all the protagonists in those online novels, after crossing over and being reborn, live a very prosperous life and become human beings? Why am I so miserable? God is too funny! I don’t want to die yet!

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