The bald jiang hu

Chapter 1 Newcomers

 Ebony Town is located in the South Road of the Great Chou River, Qinghe County, Gyeongtian Province.
  Because it was far away from the county, it was inconvenient to come and go, so it was full of familiar faces and rarely saw strangers.
  Today, the town’s blacksmith shop’s Dahmer Chen, however, saw a shaggy-haired kid who looked like he had escaped from a disaster.
  ”I said wa-er, what’s wrong with you, is your family in trouble?”
  Although he was a stranger, the simple old blacksmith didn’t chase him away, but made a bowl of noodles and sent it over.
  I can’t help it. It stinks and is so dirty, so I can’t do business blocking the entrance.
  ”It’s indeed a disaster. No home, no family, no one. Even in this world, there’s no one I know.”
  Wang Yu gulped down the noodles and was still grateful, “Thank you ah uncle, I’ve been walking in the mountains for a few months, I’ve gnawed quite a bit of grass, and I’m finally having a hot meal today.”
  Chen Dahmer took the bowl, some sympathy, “That’s really a sin, boy, do you have any plans for the future?”
  He looked Wang Yu up and down.
  Quite tall, just not much flesh on his body, looking dry and thin, like a bamboo pole.
  But the skeleton was quite big, so he should be quite strong.
  ”Plan? No, I don’t know what I can do.” Wang Yu raised his head, the sunlight under the eaves of the house somewhat shaking his eyes.
  Chen Dahmer thought of a certain unassuming douchebag, and he tried to ask, “Do you want to learn how to beat iron?”
  Wang Yu scratched his head and a sudden snowflake flew, “Fine, I don’t have anywhere to go anyway. However, I have quite a lot to eat, you can’t think I can eat and then kick it.”
  Chen Dahmer grinned, “What could I possibly be less than you? But first, let’s agree, I’ll teach you to hit the iron, I’m your master.”
  ”Oh, Master is above, accept my disciple’s worship!”
  Wang Yu didn’t hesitate, directly bang bang kowtowed three times. It couldn’t be helped, he was new here, it was already good that someone was willing to take him in when he was unfamiliar with life.
  Chen Dahmer laughed even more happily, revealing his missing front teeth, and as if realizing this, he even covered it with his hands.
  ”Fine, fine, come in after you’ve eaten, then go wash your body.”
  His shop was small, and there were many things for sale on one wall.
  Choppers, firewood knives, hoes and shovels and other goods.
  Wang Yu followed into the backyard, where there was no fire in the large stove, and there was firewood beside it.
  Dahmer Chen took out a set of clothes from his bedroom, “Let’s go, take you to the river to wash.”
  They left the backyard and headed to the small river outside of Ebony Town.
  On the way, they encountered many townspeople who would ask a few questions when they saw Dahmer Chen with a beggar.
  He didn’t mind, and every person he met would say that it was a distant relative of his, whose family was in distress and had come here for refuge.
  The townspeople easily accepted this claim and expressed their sympathy for Wang Yu.
  This one sent a few eggs, that one sent some home-made snacks, and a few children were instructed by the adults to take two pears.
  Wang Yu fully felt the enthusiasm of the people of Ebony Town.
  ”Master, they’re all quite nice.”
  ”That’s because I took you with me, your master is not a powerful person, but with this skill, you can eat anywhere.”
  Dahmer Chen smiled somewhat proudly.
  When we reached the river, there was just a group of children playing in the water.
  ”Go wash up.”
  Taking off his clothes, Wang Yu jumped into the river.
  The water, which was quite clear, instantly turned black.
  The children who were playing in the water saw it, and one of them, an older one, asked, “Brother, we have soap here, do you want to use it!”

  Wang Yu shook his head, he wasn’t used to people’s good intentions.
  The child didn’t say anything when he saw it and left with his little friend.
  After washing for half an hour, Wang Yu finally scrubbed the sludge off his body and his face showed his true colors.
  ”I can’t tell, you’re not bad looking, Apprentice.” Dahmer Chen sat on the shore with his legs crossed. “It’s just too skinny, but it’s a big pain if you hit the iron.”
  Wang Yu was indeed good looking, thick eyebrows and big eyes, he looked like an honest man.
  ”Eat more, you’ll always gain meat.” He folded his old dirty clothes and put on the coarse sackcloth that Dahmer Chen had prepared.
  It wasn’t complicated, just one set on his body and then use the hemp rope as a belt to tie the middle.
  ”Well, not bad, finally some looks.”
  Chen Dahmer looked him up and down, took out a polished brass mirror from his bosom, spat on his palm and wiped it on his head.
  ”Fortunately for my master, it’s not bad.” He patted Wang Yu on the shoulder, “Go, take you to meet your future teacher’s wife.”
  Future Mistress?
  ”Uh, Master, you’re not married yet, are you?”
  Chen Dahmer looked to be at least forty or fifty years old, and it wasn’t too much to call him an old man here.
  ”Nope. When I was young, I used to think of learning the craft well. Later on, when I hit the iron, I was tricked into learning two sword techniques and promised him to do a job.”
  ”What is it?”
  ”Looking for a fight, what else could it be. The old man who taught me, and I don’t know if he’s dead now, he asked me to challenge someone.”
  ”And win or lose?”
  Chen Dahmer was filled with chagrin when he spoke of the events of that year, “At that time I thought, since I was going to look for a fight, what can I do without a weapon in my hand? So I stayed at the smithy for another two years and gave myself a sword.”
  ”Alas, the fight was not won, and I lost my sword.”
  Speaking of this, his face was full of heartache.
  ”Then Master you are also a man of the world, why did you come back to blacksmithing again?” Wang Yu asked.
  ”What’s wrong with breaking into the rivers and lakes? Aren’t jianghu people human? Don’t you have to eat, drink and sleep!” Chen Dahmer spoke of this with an indignant face, “At that time, that old man even lied to me about how beautiful and temperamental those heroines in the Jianghu were.”
  ”I pooh! I was also stupid and believed it in a muddled way, but when I looked at the results, my mother. Those heroines have no less calluses on their hands than I do, and their feet are big. Although there are also good-looking ones, where would people look at someone like me who wants something or nothing?”
  His eyes glared, “What! Look down on the ironworker? Beware I will expel you from the master!”
  Wang Yu scratched his head, “But I don’t dare to think like that, the crafts that can eat are bigger than the sky!”
  ”That’s right, learn ironing well with me, it will be easier to find a mother-in-law than anyone else.”
  ”Oh, I see. Then Master, are the two sword moves you learned powerful?”
  ”Awesome though, it’s a pity your master is so stupid.”
  ”That’s a pity. By the way Master, what kind of person is our future teacher’s wife? Is the face handsome?”
  ”Of course she’s handsome, she’s the most handsome woman in your master’s eyes.”
  ”And do people think you’re handsome?”
  ”Uh…it’s okay, I guess.”
  ”What do you mean it’s supposed to be okay?”
  ”I said why are you brat talking so much shit, I’m the master, or you are the master!”
  Wang Yu was helpless, “You’re the master, I’ll stop talking okay.”
  Chen Dahmer snorted and quickened his steps to the front, indicating that he didn’t want to see this cheap apprentice.
  Looking at his somewhat slight back, Wang Yu’s mouth curled up and followed with brisk steps.

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